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Composer: Mike Estrella

There is an immense sea of ​​possibilities to heal our wounds. Love, music, sports, meditation, ancient plants. In Alkimiya we found the opportunity to release our emotions through Grandma's medicine and we rejoiced so much in this meeting that we made it a song. With this song we thank medicine, for the transformation of our lives, for being the guide that returns us to the center, reminding us how wonderful it is to be alive. I sing to you, granny healer, and I thank heaven because at last ... I found you.




Composer: Mike Estrella

When we are involved in overwhelming emotions, we must reconnect with our interior, heal the emotions from the roots, to enhance self-love. Only from love can we free ourselves from attachments to make way for unconditional love. The life force is in our hearts and in the hearts of our loved ones. May this song sound strong to free us from victimhood and generate a strong bond of love in all our relationships. In the face of pain and sadness, our heart and spirit must remain strong in a commitment to give and receive love.




Composer: Mike Estrella

Our walk through this life is very ephemeral and it is up to us to make every moment count, that each experience adds up and that each action generates good karma. We must travel light, free ourselves from everything, attachments and emotions. Although the challenge is great, our nature gives us the strength and the tools to move forward. Pachamama my coat, is a request for protection to the four elements to move through life understanding that everything that happens to us, everything we face is part of this experience that we call life.




Composer Mike Estrella

Ave is a beautiful analogy for mothering. The birds fertilize, incubate and protect their young in the nest. They nurture and teach them; Each species of bird has a beak that adapts to its diet and they develop a special lung respiration that allows them to fly without fatigue. All mothers, from their possibilities, lay down their lives for their children by begetting, feeding and educating them so that they can take their own flight. In addition, each of them has a majestic plumage that makes them wonderfully beautiful. With Ave we raise a prayer to heaven asking for all mothers as a sign of gratitude for their fundamental work in the cycle of our life.




Composer Mike Estrella

The strength and sustenance that parents provide is vital to be able to develop, especially in the first years of our life. His work is almost always quiet, sitting for fact and perhaps little recognized. Our parents are always teachers and no matter how harsh or strict they must act when teaching a lesson, we acknowledge all the love, sweetness and warmth they have in giving themselves for their family. With My Master we honor fatherhood in a very loving and joyful way, acknowledging and thanking for all the teachings, lessons that only a father can give.




Composer Mike Estrella

The Lakota American culture possesses a rich spirituality and a deep respect for life. Great Spirit Great Master is inspired by this culture that teaches us to work in alliance with our brothers. In a circle of deep spiritual work, this prayer connects us in a sublime way with everything visible and invisible, so that from humility we direct ourselves with righteousness and respect for life with the desire to one day return and merge with the divine source of light and love. This song it is a fusion of ancestral America and colonized America eager to reconnect with its land and to honor the divinity that dwells within all beings.




Composer Ale Padilla

We adults harden our hearts so much that we forget magic of the inner childhood that lives in each one of us. You shine is a reminder that we must draw the veil to let out our inner girl and boy who longed to sing to the birds, climb trees and shine for the simple fact of being pure. With this song we hope that the most beautiful expression of love always lives in your soul, so that you feel in your heart the divinity that lives within you and that purity can be the reflection of your noblest essence. When through the miracle of life a daughter or son comes to remind you of the sweetness of your soul, she or he becomes your most beautiful coincidence of love that resonates throughout the universe and so ... You shine!




Composer Mike Estrella

Good and evil, light and dark, perfect universal duality that is our own duality. The collective energy that has reached beyond the dual world is the Christic, so full of love and compassion. The energy of the Christ resembles that of a hummingbird, which only observes. Faced with a conflict, he feels the pain and humiliation of the downcast, he laments, but he does not judge and from the heart he only finds compassion. By observing the attacker, who has the power, who inflicts pain; he also feels his pain, his hatred, his bitterness, and his heart is grieved, but he does not judge. The heart of Christ observes everything with a deep feeling of compassion and becomes the medicine that frees us from suffering. The Christic energy is that of the Hummingbird and with this song we decree to follow Christ so that his energy leads us through life fully loving God first with soul and mind, also loving our brothers without judgment, just as we should love ourselves.




Composer César Javier

If at some point in our life we ​​feel disconnected from the feminine energy of God, it will be she herself who fosters this cosmic reunion that returns us to the Father. Through the subtle love of a mother we can recognize ourselves in an immense sea of ​​possibilities, to resume the course of our existence. This song is a sincere thanks to God Mother for guiding our steps and returning us to the path when we err in our direction. Oh Divine Mother of goodness, shelter us in your lap and may your divine love awaken our consciousness.




Composer Mike Estrella

The awakening of consciousness is accompanied by immense joy, an emotion overflowing with peace and fulfillment that motivates us to share. The master plants give us the opportunity to return to the origin, they remind us that as children we dance before walking and we sing before we begin to speak. My song of love is a genuine prayer of gratitude turned into music whose cadence is marked by our own hearts. May My Song of Love be heard in all corners of the earth to make it a universal prayer in which we recognize that we are one with everyone and everything.




Composer Mike Estrella

Laughing is the best way to start, develop and close a day, no matter how difficult the challenges are, the power of a smile is wonderful. A smile provides relief in a natural way, when we smile at another, we confirm that we like their sharing and thus the other decodes it and also smiles. That it becomes customary for us to give smiles to alleviate the pain of all our relationships, to disconnect from the negativity of the routine and to change our point of view to face the day to day. Let it become customary for us to be like children who care to be happier and less proud, so we will put aside differences to be able to share and give ourselves to others!




Composer César Javier

When we feel vulnerable there is no safer refuge than family. In Alkimiya Sagrada we have shared deep healing processes that we have become a Great Chosen Family. We are a tribe where we raise the prayer for the land and all of us who cohabit it, plants, animals and minerals. The Great Alkimiya Family confirms that we are not alone in our healing process and further confirms that we are increasingly utopian dreamers who yearn for a better humanity, founded on respect and understanding of all personal processes. Ahoo!

My Song of Love Album

Produced in AntenaStudio by Ferrer León and Alkimiya Sagrada

Ing. Recording and Mixing: Ferrer León Recordig assistant: Abraham Baltazar


Creative Concept - Art - Picture: Javier Goec


Guitarras: Mike Estrella / Tambores y Percusiones: César Javier y Mike Estrella / Flautas, Shutri Box, Arpa de Boca, Cuenco, Gong, Diapasón: César Javier / Ukulele: Ale Padilla / Voces: Mike Estrella, César Javier, Ale Padilla y Eugenia López Frias

Produced with the support at  Kickstarter of: Sara Catalina Hernández / Matthew McHolland / Edward Cortese / Volcan Laguna / Valeria Arenas / Natalia Arenas Ricardo Vázquez / Sara Rodríguez / Adriana Acosta / Brian J. Aguirre Y Estephania Villegas / Catalina Ausin / Noe Montes de Oca / Mau Brito / Zitlali Ramírez Cuan / Giovanna Martínez / Familia Acosta / Rosger Toledo / Nancy Fabiola Chávez / Marcela Guerrero Tobias / Susana Ayón / Lily Martínez / Amalia Acuña Márquez / Amy Rood / Jaime Herrero / Mónica Monroy / Marcel Neitsch / Lia / Mary Leo / Laura Padilla / Pilar Moreno / Gabriel Alejandro / Miriam Espinoza / Ana Violeta /

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