To inspire, raise the prayer and heal ourselves

Between magical rituals and shamanic altars, the sound of Alkimiya Sagrada arises from the heart of Pachamama. In 2011, in the city of Guadalajara, Jalisco Mexico, César Javier and Mike Estrella decided to embark on a path of service to Consciousness. Sacred plants, incenses and ancestral instruments have given shape and rhythm to the music of Alkimiya, inspired by the transforming and healing power of medicine music, they spread a message of gratitude, unity and unconditional love, which transcends borders and dimensions. Thus, in each ceremony they continue raising a prayer and thanking the opportunity to open their hearts, a heart that vibrates to the beat of creation.


About Alkimiya Sagrada...

Nine years ago we began a path of personal transformation through service and shamanism. In this process of self-discovery, healing and personal development, medicine music inspired and accompanied us, hence our desire to reach as many people as possible with our music to provide a seed of transmutation to the world.


In 2017 we made the first record of the music that we played in ceremonies with various ancestral medicines, it was an album made with simplicity and with all our hearts seeking to share those songs that helped us so much. That album is called "Abuelita Curandera".


Constant service has given us many gifts, among them songs that have sprung from magical places of consciousness, themes that we have been able to highlight help other brothers and sisters to connect with their essence, heal, liberate and empower.


It is in 2019 that we released with great gratitude and enthusiasm the first studio album by Alkimiya, entitled "My Song of Love" and is composed of 12 original songs, which we hope will resonate strongly in your heart.


Currently Alkimiya Sagrada begins a stage of production at home to continues to share new songs as well as versions of songs that have been an inspiration for our journey.


Mike Estrella
César Javier