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César Javier

​​​Shaman César Javier is 10 years old on the path of ancestral medicines, he began his journey with the Native American tradition 15 years ago, in what is know as the Medicine Wheel. He was initiated in the work with fire, elementals of nature and feathers. Already on the way of Ayahuasca, his initiation was under the Shipibo teachings at Peru. Later he walked learning from Colombian traditions of shamanism and focusing on the warrior aspect . Later he began to study in hand with different tribes in the region of Brazil, where he gets his work with the medicine songs and other healing techniques. On the other hand, in Mexico, he connected with the work of the Tohono and specially with the work with Bufo medicine, where he get the learnings of handle very high vibrational states. He founded Alkimiya Sagrada 8 years ago, and he have shared ceremonies and healing sessions all this years in Mexico, USA and Brazil. Plus he work with other medicines as Kambo, Cacao, Happe, Ancestral rituals, Tarot, Xanga, Mambe and meditations with sound healing. In his personal life, he has studied three formal university degrees, as his love for training and learning has been an important part of his activities and life journey.